The Future of the Suburbs: Policy Challenges and Opportunities in Canada

  • David Gordon
  • Markus Moos
  • David Amborski
  • Zack Taylor


Canada is often described as a highly urbanized country. Increasingly, however, researchers recognize that Canada is in fact a suburban nation. This recognition has sparked a new research agenda on the Canadian suburbs from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.

 In this collection of essays, four leading scholars of the Canadian suburbs discuss the opportunities and challenges of suburbanization for Canadian public policy. The essays include:
  • Canada is a Suburban Nation by David Gordon
 • Voices from the Edges: Policy Insights from Young Suburbanites by Markus Moos and Khairunnabila Prayitno
 • The Future of the Suburbs: Challenges and Opportunities in Municipal Finance by David Amborski
 • Suburbanization and Politics by Zack Taylor
Briefing Papers