Information for Nurses on Return to Sport After Periacetabular Osteotomy Surgery


  • Caroline G. Swanger
  • JoAn Stanek


The purpose of this study was to answer the following question: Does the amount of physical therapy after PAO surgery for hip dysplasia, impact the ability of a patient to return to sporting activities?  PAO surgery refers to Periacetabular Osteotomy surgery; a corrective surgical technique for hip dysplasia that aims to preserve the hip, rather than replace it. This question was addressed using a mixed methods survey designed to collect qualitative and quantitative data regarding patient experiences after PAO surgery. The survey was posted on two different Facebook pages: Post-PAO Return to Sport and Young Hip Impingement/Dysplasia (FAI, THR, PAO) Support. A linear regression was performed to analyze the results of the data. The data did not show a relationship between the amount of physical therapy and the ability to return to sport following a PAO operation. However, the data did show that patients who used a mobility device for longer than 8 weeks were on average 24.5% more likely to return to sports within 9 months compared to patients who used a mobility device for less than 8 weeks (p=0.245). No other statistically significant results were found. During the literature review for this study, it was established that there is insufficient research conducted on rehabilitation after surgery for hip dysplasia.