The Perception of Staff Nurses and their Experience with the Critical Care Outreach Team in Oman: A Descriptive Correlational Study


  • Harith ALAbri
  • Khaldoun M. Aldiabat School of Nursing -Cape Breton University
  • Amjed ALNaabi
  • Mohammed ALShandoudi
  • Ahmed ALShujaibi
  • Mazin ALHatmi


Previous research indicated the benefits of the Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT) in improving patients' health outcomes; however, in Oman, there is a dearth of evidence examining the perceptions of nurses regarding the Critical Care Outreach Team as well as its effectiveness. This study aimed to explore staff nurses' perceptions about the CCOT services in Oman and to explore the relationship between the staff's demographics (age, education, and years of work experience) and their call status to the CCOT services. A valid and reliable questionnaire that includes 19 items and a 5- point Likert scale format submitted online via Survey Monkey to the ward staff nurses who work in the area where Critical Care Outreach Team service is provided. One open-ended question was added to the questionnaire to collect qualitative data. SPSS was used to analyze the quantitative data while the qualitative data emerged to support the quantitative findings. A total of 91 participants completed the questionnaire; nurses perceived the CCOT as accessible, approachable and effective in recognizing deterioration, thereby reducing serious events; providing teaching and coaching to staff; helping in referring the patient to allied health and improving patient management on the ward. There was no significant correlation between participant demographic variables such as age (p = 0.616), gender (p = 0.370) or years of experience (p = 0.243) and educational level on the call status to CCOT services. The quantitative perception was supported and explained qualitatively by participants' direct quotations when they answered the open-ended question. It is concluded that nurses in Oman perceived CCOT positively, which indicates that the existence of CCOT in hospitals of Oman is necessary, important and effective in enhancing the patients' outcomes and helping provide teaching and couch for other nurses.