Improving the Health of Migrant Workers: A Community Health Nursing Advocacy Project


  • Sharon Roopnarinesingh
  • Farah Chowdhury
  • Jason Eisbrenner
  • Sheila Saporna
  • Jana Trunkova
  • Barbara Elliott


Background: Migrant workers play a critical role in Canada’s economic structure. Yet, they face insurmountable challenges as they strive to make a living in Canada; one of the most significant issues experienced by migrant workers in Canada pertains to adequate access to health care. A community health nursing course completed during Fall 2020 term afforded five students the opportunity to explore the inequities migrant workers face and the necessary reforms needed to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of migrant workers who come to Canada to work, regardless of their status. Purpose: The aim of this paper is to share knowledge with other health care professionals in the hopes of fostering community collaboration and formulating approaches to mitigate the exploitation faced by migrant workers in Canada. Implications: The persistent marginalization and exploitation encountered by migrant workers makes them extremely vulnerable to inequality and injustice. Strategies that nurses can employ to mitigate the marginalization and exploitation of migrant workers in Canada are discussed. Conclusion: Migrant workers deserve adequate access to health care. Nurses can advocate for migrant workers through collaboration with community agencies to build an engaging social responsibility strategy.