Turnover Among Nurses Working in the Caribbean: A Description of a Protocol for an Upcoming Scoping Review


  • Shamel Rolle Sands
  • Ian Gellatly


Background: Healthcare systems in the Caribbean like many countries struggle to provide essential services due to inadequate nursing personnel. Many suggest that the current nursing and nursing skill shortages in health care systems throughout the Caribbean are largely due to vacancies left by the turnover of nurses. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to outline a well-known protocol for conducting a scoping review, which in this case involves an examination of current literature on retention and turnover of nurses working in Caribbean countries. It is expected that this work will facilitate greater use of this approach by nursing students.  Method: The frameworks used include those developed by  Arskey and O’Malley, Colquhoun et al., and Levac and O’Brien. Peer reviewed and grey literature text records available in English and Spanish reporting nurse turnover in the Caribbean will be included. The search strategy was developed in collaboration with an experienced health sciences research librarian. Peer reviewed and grey literature will be located using a range of electronic databases. Two reviewers will independently screen all records and extract data from all included records. Data will be collated into qualitative and numerical thematic summaries. Discussion: This planned review could extend the nurse turnover body of knowledge by elucidating the current turnover realities in the Caribbean.