A Framework for Developing A Culture of Positive Change for Healthier Work Environments


  • Sarah Filiatreault


Developing and sustaining healthy work environments is a multidimensional activity. Leadership has been identified as an integral aspect to achieve this aim. Attributes of authentic leadership have positive associations with the development and sustainment of healthy work environments. However, little attention has been given to how these attributes can be fostered in the development of nurses in all domains practice, education, research and administration). This paper describes a new conceptual framework for building authentic leadership through a culture of positive change by integrating the pragmatic tenets of Dewey and a William James, experiential learning theory, reflective practice, and communicating with 'good judgement'. How the framework can foster attributes of authentic leadership and promote the development and sustainment of healthy work environments is explicated by discussing the components of the framework including: building safe psychological spaces and building a common language for positive change.