Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Promoting International Awareness through Ambassadors and Collaboration


  • Jeffersson Brasil Pires Dos Santos
  • Brayden Kameg
  • Emily Matthews
  • Kathy Puskar
  • Irene Kane
  • Ann M. Mitchell


fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, alcohol, nursing education, student leadership


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are a group of health conditions caused by the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.  Alcohol use by pregnant women is a global public health issue with lifelong consequences to the baby.  In Brazil, despite educational campaigns on the problems of drinking while pregnant, many women continue to drink regardless of their pregnancy status. Currently, nursing curricula do not include in-depth information around FASD.  Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to focus on the need for the inclusion of alcohol and FASD education in Brazil by incorporating a role for the student nurse as an FASD prevention ambassador.  Student nurse ambassadors can promote FASD prevention through educating fellow students and nursing professional. An infographic to provide FASD facts for patients, nursing students, and nursing staff has been developed.  Because nurses are key figures in providing patient care, they are ideal advocates for FASD prevention.