The Redhead Review Part 2: Theoretical Times


  • Leanne McRae Curtin University


Theoretical Times, Post-Crash, Paul Virilio, Capitalism, Popular Culture, High Theory


Steve Redhead passed away on 8 March 2018. The following is written by Dr. Tara Brabazon, Dean of Graduate Research and Professor of Cultural Studies, Flinders University, Bedford Park, South Australia.

Professor Steve Redhead was born in Shifnal in the United Kingdom in 1952 and died in Adelaide, Australia, in March 2018. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the last week of July 2017. Steve and I decided to keep his illness private to enable Theoretical Times, his book published with Emerald in November 2017, to gain an honest scholarly audience, rather than a gothically fixated one. Through his career, he published 17 books and hundreds of refereed articles. Two more books will be published posthumously.

The passionate sorrow that greeted his death, both online and offline, demonstrates his scholarly influence in philosophy, cultural studies, socio-legal studies, criminology, leisure studies, and football studies.

Author Biography

Leanne McRae, Curtin University

Leanne McRae is a Research Officer at Curtin University currently specialising in disability, media and education. Her first book; Terror, Leisure and Consumption: Spaces for Harm in a Post-Crash Era has just been published by Emerald Publishers in the UK.