A Profile of Contemporary University Students: Implications for Teaching and Learning


  • Paul Axelrod York University


Forum, HIC, 2008, 2009, Paul Axelrod



Author Biography

Paul Axelrod, York University

 Paul Axelrod PAxelrod@edu.yorku.ca is a professor and former dean of the Faculty of Education at York University (2001-08). He has written widely on the history and politics of schooling and higher education. His publications include Scholars and Dollars: Politics, Economics and the Universities of Ontario, 1945-1980Making a Middle Class: Student Life in English Canada during the ThirtiesThe Promise of Schooling: Education in Canada, 1800-1914; and Values in Conflict: The University, the Marketplace, and the Trials of Liberal Education. He was awarded the 2007 David C. Smith Award from the Council of Ontario Universities for his research in post-secondary education.