Vol. 3 (2008): Civil-Military Coordination: Challenges and Opportunities in Afghanistan and Beyond

Articles include:

A Means to What End? Why Provincial Reconstruction Teams are Peripheral to the Bigger Political Chanllenges in Afghanistan by Barbara J. Stapleton

The Civil-Military Effort in Afghanistan: A Strategic Perspective by Colonel M.D. Capstick

No Room for Humanitarianism in 3D Policies: Have Forcible Humanistarian Interventions and Integrated Approaches Lost Their Way? by Stephen Cornish

Interagency and Civil-Military Coordination Practices and Approaches within United Nations Peace Operations by Cedric de Coning

Interagency and Civil-Military Coordination: Lessons from a Survey of Afghanistan and Liberia by Lara Olson and Hrach Gregorian


Published: 2012-01-26