Welcome to the first issue of Transformative Social Work: A special issue on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Julie L. Drolet
  • David B. Nicholas






Welcome to the inaugural issue of Transformative Social Work, a new journal developed by an international editorial team and hosted by the University of Calgary, Canada.

In this Special Issue, we reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to social work. We address considerations such as heightened inequities, experiences and recommendations that have emerged at this unique juncture in history across the world.

Articles in this issue amplify COVID-19 considerations for practice, professional support, social work education, community development, advocacy, and the importance of addressing ongoing and emerging community and societal inequities, with a focus on nurturing well-being and equity. Articles offer reflection on individual, community and population experiences, including substantial shifts, societal chasms and considerations for social work and society in moving forward. We are grateful to article authors who have provided important reflections, learning and recommendations in moving forward.

Amplifying the breadth of experiences and perspectives as we emerge from this local and global experience is important both to document this experience relative to social work, and to critically consider steps for moving forward.