Call for Submissions


This special issue aims to spotlight the innovative and impactful work of the next generation of scholars in social work who are actively contributing to social justice in diverse and dynamic ways. By focusing on future scholars, doctors, practitioners, teachers, and policymakers, this special issue seeks to amplify fresh perspectives and approaches that address the evolving challenges of our time. 

We encourage doctoral students and candidates, as future scholars in social work, to submit original manuscripts, brief notes, voices from the field, and letters to the editor. These works must demonstrate the relevance to or implication for social work. Submissions should be grounded in evidence-based practices and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on social justice in the field.

Proposed topics include:

  • Community and social involvement
  • Social justice approaches
  • Innovations in education
  • Policy advocacy
  • Global perspective

Eligibility Criteria

The lead author of the paper must be a current PhD student, a PhD candidate, or a recent graduate within two (2) years of completing their PhD, presenting their doctoral work from a Social Work doctorate program. We welcome submissions from within and outside of Canada.

We welcome papers in English and French. The referencing style must follow the APA 7th edition format.

Submission Deadline:

October 1st, 2024

To submit a manuscript, click here