Special Issue: Call for Papers on Social Work Field Education


The field education component of social work education is a critical aspect of the curriculum. It provides social work students with practical and hands-on learning experiences in real-world settings. By integrating transformative social work principles into field education, social work programs can help prepare the next generation of social workers to be agents of change in their communities and beyond. As the field of social work continues to evolve, there is a need to consider how field education can contribute to transformative social work. 

As a Special Issue, we are inviting articles from scholars, practitioners, field educators and students who are engaged in social work field education and/or social work research with implications for field education.

Areas of article focus could include various aspects of field education in social work, for instance, innovative approaches to field education, promising and wise practices in field education, challenges and opportunities in field education, impact of field education on social work practice and outcomes, equity, diversity, and inclusion in field education, Indigenous field education, Green Social Work, and transformative field education practices and policies. 

The journal publishes Canadian and international articles in English and French.   


In addition to full-length articles, the journal features shorter “brief notes” contributions, as well as “voices from the field” to showcase practitioner and field educator perspectives, practice issues, innovations, and insights of about 2000 words. Letters to the editors are also accepted.