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by Viet Nam (2018-08-23)

Lake Musk belongs to the mountain valley Buffalo commune, Minh Quang Commune, Tam Dao. Pool width of about 83 hectares with many niche big cross in the forest. Dam 41-m high, with a capacity of more than 12 million m3 of water.
When lake water rises to the 92 created the large lake, sailing between the vast waves of water, you can visit the boat to the village or stop between halfway up the mountain. At the lake water draw down the 76 guests will be surprised to see two whale stone is undulating in the blue water. When ho was in the 53 will see the appearance of the walrus, boar, tiger, leopard create from stone an orphan, as are war, prey takes water white foam where the source of the streams flowing into the lake.


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by Mr Xem ibongda (2019-03-04)

so con cu gi

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by Ms Tử Vi Hàng Ngày (2019-03-15)

con cu hehehehe