Do Hypnosis and Mindfulness Practices Inhabit a Common Domain? Implications for Research, Clinical Practice, and Forensic Science

Steven Lynn, Anne Malaktaris, Reed Maxwell, David I. Mellinger, Delana van der Kloet


Hypnosis and mindfulness practices provide clinicians with two viable yet distinct methods, or more accurately families of methods, for increasing well-being and ameliorating problems in living. In this article, we compare and contrast hypnotic and mindfulness interventions, address the question of whether they inhabit a common domain, describe how they may be combined to advantage, and discuss clinical and research implications. We contend that hypnosis and mindfulness inhabit a common, albeit broad, domain of suggestive approaches. However, we also argue that meaningful differences exist that are particularly salient and consequential in the forensic arena.

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The Journal of Mind–Body Regulation