Special Issue Call for Submissions


Paper topics may fall in the realm of:

  • Traditional and Customary Practices of Sustainability: Lessons for Contemporary Society
  • Indigenous Practices of Food Sovereignty
  • Economics and Cohesion in Indigenous Communities
  • Subsistence Economies, Environmental Kinship, Sense of Place, and Wellbeing
  • Significance of Ancestral Knowledge and Beliefs to Present Day Wellness
  • Contemporary Applications of Traditional Healing Practices
  • Indigenous Constructs of Wellness and Initiatives in Primary Prevention
  • Indigenous Collectivism and Communalism in an era of anti-socialism
  • Hybridity and Cultural Innovation in Program Design
  • The Politics of Indigenous Spirituality and Strategies for Effecting Change
  • Indigenous Epistemology, Science, and Ways of Knowing
  • Growing Practice and Research Methodologies from Indigenous Realities
  • Indigenous Self-determination in an Era of Climate Change
  • Indigenous knowledges informing conservation
  • Storytelling, Critical Thinking, and Cultural Resurgence

Deadline for consideration: October 30, 2021

This issue will be published Winter 2022

All interested authors must consult the guidelines for submission. https://journalhosting.ucalgary.ca/index.php/jisd/about/submissions


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