The Potential of Online Learning in Addressing Challenges in Field Instructor Training

Jessica Ayala, Jasmine Ing, Ellen Perrault, Grace Elliott, Lorriane Letkemann, Myra Bainton


Given the responsibility of faculties of social work to provide accessible education and training opportunities for field instructors, this paper presents the results of a study exploring the potential role of online learning in supporting and training both urban and rural field instructors. While participants preferred face-to-face learning, the reality of time constraints and distance from major centres, as well as increased usage of modern technology, suggest a need for online field instructor training options. Respondents emphasized the importance of face-to-face opportunities for interaction and relationship-building, but expressed a willingness to participate in online field instructor development. The expressed benefits relate to time-saving and financial advantages associated with online education as well as the enhanced accessibility for field instructors living in rural and remote communities.

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