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Cairncross, Sarah, University of Calgary (Canada)
Cameron, Brian, Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University, McMaster Department of Surgery, McMaster Children's Hospital McMaster Pediatric Research Collaborative (Canada)
Cameron, Brian
Cameron, Lita, McMaster University (Canada)
Cano, Stefan
Caplow, Julie, University of Missouri-Columbia (United States)
Carbonaro, Mike, University of Alberta (Canada)
Carceller-Blanchard, Ana, CHU Sainte-Justine. University of Montreal. (Canada)
Caron, Nadine
Carpenter, Jennifer, Emergency Physician; Associate Professor at Queen's University
Cavalcanti, Rodrigo, University of Toronto (Canada)
Cave, Marie, University of Alberta (Canada)
Chafe, Roger, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
Chan, Ming-Ka, University of Manitoba (Canada)
Chan, Teresa M, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, McMaster University (Canada)
Chang, Silvia
Charlin, Bernard, University of Montreal (Canada)
Charlin, Bernard
Chase, Jocelyn, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Chastonay, Philippe
Chen, Charlie, Division of Palliative Care Medicine, University of British Columbia
Cheng, Adam, University of Calgary
Cheng, Alice, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, (Canada)
Chow, Meghan
Clandinin, Jean, University of Alberta (Canada)
Clark, Marcia, University of Alberta (Canada)
Clark, Megan, Saskatchewan Prevention Institute (Canada)
Code, Cathy, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Coderre, Sylvain
Cohen, Barry
Cole, Joanna, Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (Guyana)
Colmers-Gray, Isabelle N, University of Alberta (Canada)
Colquhoun, Patrick
Cooke, Lara, University of Calgary (Canada)
Cooper, Gerry, Western University Schulich School of Medicine (Canada)
Corny, Jennifer
Côté, Luc, Université Laval
Covington, Kyle, Duke University (United States)
Cowan, Michele
Cox, Kelly Anne, University of Toronto (Canada)
Cruess, Richard L
Cruess, Sylvia R
Custers, Eugène
Cyr, Janelle

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