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Caine, Tonje M., University of Calgary (Canada)
Callaghan, Tonya, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
Caron-Piché, Joanne (Canada)
Carter, Mindy R., UBC (Canada)
Castonguay-Payant, Justine (Canada)
Chamakh, Amel (Canada)
Chan, Jacky WL, Lakehead University (Canada)
Charland, Patrick (Canada)
Charles, Jan-Michael (Canada)
Charron, Annie
Charron, Annie (Canada)
Claude d'Argy, Anne
Clément, Louise (Canada)
Collard Fortin, Ugo (Canada)
Collard-Fortin, Ugo (Canada)
Collin, Simon (Canada)
Cope-Watson, Georgann, Brock University (Canada)
Corcoran, James, University of Toronto
Corcoran, James, OISE/University of Toronto (Canada)
Corcoran, James
Corriveau, Annie, Université de Sherbrooke (Canada)
Costello, David
Côté, Josée-Anne (Canada)
Couture, Christine, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Canada)
Currie-Patterson, Natalie, Western University (Canada)