CJNSE is hiring for 2019

The Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education (CJNSE) invites applications for the following positions:

  • Associate editor
  • Senior copyeditor
  • Associate copyeditor

You can read more about these positions below. If you would like to learn more about CJNSE, visit


  • A current graduate student associated with a Canadian Faculty of Education.
  • Capable of working virtually (e.g., email, Skype/Zoom).
  • Prompt responses to emails (within 48-72 hours).
  • For the associate editor and senior copyeditor positions, previous experience with all aspects of academic writing including reviewing, publishing, and editing is required.
  • For the associate copyeditor position, some previous experience with academic writing including reviewing, publishing, and editing is preferred.

To apply

Email cjnse.rcjce.journal@gmail.com (cc Andrew.Coombs@queensu.ca) the following documents:

1. Cover letter describing your:
  • Current degree, expected completion date, and area of research 
  • Writing, reviewing, and editing experience 
  • Interest in working for CJNSE

2. Curriculum vitae

Applications will be accepted on or before December 14th. All candidates will be notified by December 21st. All positions are from January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019.

Position Descriptions

Managing Editor

  • Oversees journal production; acts as publishing editor once per year (alternating with RCJCE editor). 
  • Maintains and updates roles, operations, editorial guidelines, infrastructure, journal processes.
  • Responds to emails in a timely manner through CJNSE email account.
  • Responsible for promoting CJNSE through LISTSERVs (e.g., CSSE, CCGSE) and contacting faculties of education once issues have been published.
  • Carefully reviews manuscripts when first submitted, after revisions, and after copyediting; gives final approval to publish.
  • Submits an annual report to Editorial Board following the publication of the Fall issue.
  • Estimated work time: 8 hours/week during non-peak times; this can increase during peak times (e.g., immediately preceding issue publication).

Associate Editor

  • Assists Managing Editor to oversee journal production.
  • Manages social media presence (i.e., Facebook, Twitter).
  • Updates and revises CJNSE policies.
  • Estimated work time: 3 hours/week.
  • Associate editor will become the Managing Editor in January 2020.

Senior Copyeditor

  • Oversees the work of two associate copyeditors.
  • Manages and maintains copyediting work process including updates to guidelines.
  • Communicates with authors/copyeditors regarding revisions; reviews final works for web publication.
  • Serves as a review mentor (see below) 1-2 times a year.
  • Estimated work time: 15 hours over the six-week copyediting period (up to twice a year).

Associate Copyeditor

  • Works diligently with author to edit and correct articles before publication.
  • Adheres to CJNSE copyediting guidelines.
  • Provides clear and prompt communication with authors and senior copyeditor on required revisions.
  • Estimated work time: 15 hours over the six-week copyediting period (up to twice a year).

Review Mentor

  • Acts as a resource for authors in interpreting reviewer comments, identifying useful resources, providing constructive feedback on how to strengthen their manuscript, and offering encouragement.
  • If an issue arises beyond what the review mentor feels uncomfortable addressing, they are to contact the Managing Editor for guidance.
  • Estimated work time: 1-10 hours over a six-week editing period (varies by author/manuscript)