The conjugacy problem for automorphism groups of homogeneous digraphs


  • Samuel Coskey Boise State University
  • Paul Ellis Manhattanville College



conjugacy, homogeneous structure, Borel complexity


We decide the Borel complexity of the conjugacy problem for automorphism groups of countable homogeneous digraphs. Many of the homogeneous digraphs, as well as several other homogeneous structures, have already been addressed in previous articles. In this article we complete the program, and establish a dichotomy theorem that this complexity is either the minimum or the maximum among relations which are classifiable by countable structures. We also discuss the possibility of extending our results beyond graphs to more general classes of countable homogeneous structures.

Author Biographies

Samuel Coskey, Boise State University

Mathematics department, Boise State University

Paul Ellis, Manhattanville College

Department of mathematics and computer scince, Manhattanville College


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